…to our new volcano blog (02/2015). We hope that this blog on and about all volcano related matters will become a meeting point for volcano lovers – a place to learn and ponder, for questions and answers, for new information and reviews, for science and speculation – in short, a place to relax and enjoy.


Two years ago we have started out as a group of 11 enthusiasts but, as such things go, our number dwindled to two over time. So here are Granyia and Agimarc, doing their best to bring you some interesting stuff and news on volcanoes all over the world. We hope you enjoy our posts, but don’t just stop at the end – scroll down to the comments section where we are leaving any updates on present volcanic activity, links to new interesting papers or other bits of news from the volcano world. Of course we also love to see you commenting there, and if you ever feel like writing about a volcano-related matter yourself, we invite you to do a guest post.




A word about the authors

We, Agimarc and Granyia, have been deeply interested in volcano matters for many years. We have read up on every volcano showing new activity, on its geologic settings, tectonics and history. We have taken online lessons, read papers and followed bulletins on official volcano related sites. We have gathered quite a bit of knowledge but – we have to emphasize this – we are no professionals in the field. Here is our disclaimer that goes for every post on this blog:

“Disclaimer: We are no scientists, all information in our posts is gleaned from the www and/or from books we have read, so hopefully from people who do get things right! 🙂 If you find something not quite right, or if you can add some more interesting stuff, please leave a comment.”



6 comments on “Welcome

  1. Hello and thank you to Spica et al.!
    Because I am neither a fan nor a member of the requisite social media groups, I found myself unable to comment anymore in the Café. So I welcome the new more open forum, appreciate your combined efforts and knowledge, and send my best wishes that this blog may live long and prosper!


    • As you see it is a team effort of 11 people so far. TEAM and TEAM WORK is the very important term here!
      Thanks for the well wishes. You found the about though it is not linked from the menu a.t.m. 😉 ( That will change as soon as the next post goes in.
      Not a social media fan myself.


  2. I’m wondering if anyone else feels like something big is going on under Mt.Herdubreid in Iceland. Seems like a lot of activity going on there. Any chance of it becoming active or erupting after so long a time?
    Thank You

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    • Seems it has calmed down now. Thanks for the links that was very helpful to understand what’s going on and that there isn’t much to worry about.
      Thanks again and Cheers to you.


  3. Hello!
    This is Alan C (as was found ‘elsewhere’)
    I have only just found your site and hope your numbers grow!
    The webcam list is very helpful.

    If you wouldn’t object, perhaps I could occasionally post the odd comment?

    I can be contacted via the email

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