11 comments on “Nothing left but a stopper… – Volcanic Plugs

  1. No need to go to exotic locations for plugs. Can I put in a ‘plug’ for my homeland? Berwick Law, Dundee Law, Bass Rock, Edinburgh Castle Rock. (Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh is perhaps a little bit more than a simple plug since it has bits of vent agglomerate and lava flows as well)


    • Haha, true, I could have ‘plugged in’ a good number of them offhand throughout Germany too (apart from the Eifel volcanic fields). That makes me think about what sort of volcanism created them? In Pangea, Germany had occupied a pretty similar location in a craton as now, so the volcanism must have occurred on Eurasias’s journey. I wonder if it has crossed a few hotspots on the way up? Subduction is out; weaknesses in the crust I doubt for several reasons. Or, perhaps the volcanoes are even older? Pangea is supposed to be the fourth in the cycle of supercontinents.


    • Some time ago we were talking about the difference between COSPEC and DOAS, and that the latter is a lighter and more convenient instrument. Geonet had an article on their website few days ago reporting about their gas measurements with the new FLYSPEC instruments, http://info.geonet.org.nz/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=17563701, they have also a page broadly explaining the four different spectrometers http://info.geonet.org.nz/display/volc/Gas

      By the way, you are not a singer, are you?: “Mike D rocks the fly specs.” Just joking, sorry, I came across it when I googled FLYSPEC 😉


  2. A Peruvian newspaper reported this morning that the villagers around Ticsani volcano were concerned because of another felt earthquake. Since last month recurrent earthquakes have been recorded at the volcano. On March 30, a seismic swarm occurred, apparently caused by the movement of magma. It is not ruled out that the volcano is entering a new period of activity. The Ticsani is a dacitic lava dome complex consisting of three domes and two partly destroyed craters. No historical eruptions are known, but fumarolic activity continues, and pumice from the crater containing the youngest lava dome overlies tephra from the 1600 CE Huaynaputina eruption. Ticsani is located 8 kilometers from the nearest residential areas.

    One of Tixani’s lava domes


  3. Thanks Granyia

    There are other volcanic remains in the Czech republic.

    Here is Panska Skala not far from Decin.


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