27 comments on “Paricutin, Mexico – My First Volcano

  1. Probably some of the last plots for Bardarbunga caldera.
    Note how nearly all the action takes part on the north side.

    Localization of earthquakes in Bardabunga caldera from 13/02 to 15/03.
    Dot size is according to magnitude.
    One can see that the earthquake frequency and magnitude are much lower than before.
    Data courtesy of IMO and NOAA, made on GNU Octave for Volcanohotspot.

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  2. Askja is what I am watching in terms of earthquake activity. However, she has a very slow system filling. It should be in the double digits of years before an eruption takes places. Very Sensitive measurements on annual basis is being monitored. So unless there is change in activity no worries.


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