6 comments on “An Elusive Volcano: Mount Michael – South Sandwich Islands

  1. Very interesting. I am really enjoying your articles on out-of-the-way volcanos and aren’t subjects of usual writeup!


  2. There are those that attempt to describe the eastern curve of the Scotia / Sandwich Plates as an impact related structure. Yet it looks a lot like the eastern end of the Caribbean Plate which was shoved thru the opening between the North American and South American plates not unlike the motion of the Scotia / Sandwich.

    Great post, Granyia. Cheers –


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  4. My remark is one of history and Captain James Cook. My curiosity started with the unknowns of the American revolution (it was supposed to be a treaty instead). Then, on to an ancient cartography of Captain Cook’s voyages, because the dates are at 1775 and before. Well, the cook on Cook’s ship is curiously the same name of present day authors of experienced, maritime cooks! I find these coincidences useful sometimes. I am sure the backstory regarding the discovery of the South Sandwich Islands by Captain Cook gets more interesting if the volcano on Michael mountain was possibly active then. That is what led me to this site. The cook on Captain Cook’s ship also has the very same name as shipping companies here in Florida! So now I want to know if this is a direct lineage up unto 2021. Were they all cooking sandwiches? They might be able to, if the volcanoes get warm enough!


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