1. We have great Summer weather here, hurray!… and I’m not as long and as often as usual glued to the box, dooh!… so here is what volcano news greeted me today:

    Dieng Volcanic Complex, Java, Indonesia:
    On 1 July a minor phreatic explosion in the Sileri crater frightened the population around Dieng; nobody was killed but the ensuing panic left several people injured. Some others were hit by the splashing mud. Kawah Sileri is one of many Dieng craters to have erupted in historical time and it was the site of a relatively small but devastating eruption in 1964 that killed 114 people; last eruption was in 2009. The crater contains a lake and boiling mud pots. This burst was due to over pressure in the hydrothermal system. There were no hightened levels of toxic gases measured. So far the alert level for Dieng has not been raised. – Unfortunately, a rescue helicopter that was on its way to help evacuate residents crashed nearby, leaving all 8 passengers dead.

    Mt. Dukono
    in North Halmahera, Indonesia has been erupting for months but is emitting more ash these days. According to news reports it had 54 explosions (01, 02 July?) with thick ash plumes of less than 1km hight that set Galela Airport on alert.

    The date for one of Katla’s historical eruptions has been narrowed down to between autumn 822 and spring 823 by examination of a newly uncovered tree stump. That’s half a century before settlers settled in Iceland. http://www.cam.ac.uk/research/news/tree-rings-pinpoint-eruption-of-icelandic-volcano-to-half-a-century-before-human-settlement


  2. Wisconsin needs a shake map, not the maps they have for earthaquakes/volcanoes they have enough of thoese! ….this mapping system is for wave activity crossing the USA or where ever to see where the waves stop or move!
    I think we could have a pluagged aquifer on the left side of wiscopnins maybe actithy form the” Batholith” east of stevens point to michigan…or a underground waking up ancient volcanic activity sort of happening!?But i think it it form out west, one of the volcanoes over thier is causing shak being reported ??
    Maybe this is a possible Sun burst activity waking up… magnetic volacanism,?
    “Magma movement from out west and maybe from New York combined?”

    Read the latest reports for wisconsin’s latest reports and for the whole year!
    It is interesting!
    Just wondering!


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