8 comments on “Magical MENENGAI CRATER – Kenya

  1. Explosive caldera forming VEI6/VEI7 eruptions usually occur in subduction zones. You wouldn’t expect this in rift valleys at all. But magma fractionalisation/magma differentiation inside magma chambers in continental crust does the trick.


  2. The Kadovar Volcano of P.N.G. has begun an eruption yesterday. Apparently all 700 inhabitants have evacuated safely. The volcano is some 50 km NW of Manam volcano, off the N shore of East Sepik Province. It has not had a confirmed eruption in recorded history. Last reports were from 1976-81, when hot ground, increased fumarole activity and sea water discolorations were observed.

    Image: Samaritan Aviation LoopPNG article


  3. interesting.. must be volcanic though as I don’t think anything is growing there yet that could catch fire.


    • Yes, thought so, too. I am becoming convinced now that this is an error of some sort. There is nothing on the very clear Aqua/Terra Modis imagery today, nothing on Suomi NPP/VIIRS (Fires & Thermal Anomalies), and nothing that I can tell on Himawari.

      Perhaps the unvegetated black surface is becoming so hot from the sun that it can be detected by instruments? It’s been early afternoon there today and yesterday. There also seem to have been 12 similar occurences over the past year.

      On worldview I don’t know how to find the exact timestamp of what I’m seeing… (anyone?) This is Terra Modis (7-2-1) Corr. Refl., of NE New Britain, from today:


      • It’s so hard to get up-to-date information about Rabaul. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tavavur is still erupting periodically, which would explain the heat signature. Remember that vulcanian blast caught on camera a couple of years ago? https://youtu.be/oMxIlXW56cQ


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