6 comments on “Splitting North America – The Walker Lane – Part 2 – The Volcanic Fields

  1. I’m wondering where exactly this is?
    “There is a second slow region 30 km south of the Coso field. This may identify a neighboring or perhaps related magma reservoir. This one appears to be layered, less than 5 km from the surface. Total volume of the region is perhaps 600 km3.”

    I live within sight of the Coso fields, directly south. The recent large earthquakes and subsequent earth splitting here have made me aware of local volcanic possibilities, so I’m curious. Thank you for your explanation of the Walker Lane, it helped me understand the nature of the places I’ve lived most of my life.


    • Howdy EMR – as far as I can tell, it is south of China Lake a bit. While I’ve seen the region a few times from the air many years ago, I don’t have local experience like you do. There appears to be a lot of magma not so far below the surface in the Coso region, not unlike Sorocco in NM. What it does is anyone’s guess. Thank you for looking into VH. Cheers –

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      • Thanks for your reply! You might like to know after I posted this question I found out that GPS monitors showed a decline in the Coso Field and uplift to the south (under Ridgecrest) starting several days before the quake sequence. From what I understand, uplift continues. Something to watch!


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