1. wow! fascinating find Granyia! Doesn’t need much imagination to see that this is an active beast of a volcano. Fascinating stuff. Though it is certainly not the second largest caldera lake in the world. Not be any means (NZ alone has three larger ones .. and then Taal in the Philippines, etc., you get the idea).

    The remnant slab under an extensional setting makes sense to me.


    • Hi Bruce, good to hear from you! 🙂 You are right of course about the size, in the next sentence I state it’s the 16th largest. Seemed more convincing to me, so I didn’t check any further. Don’t know how that first had slipped in, have deleted it now.
      Yes, it seemed logical to me too that the remnant slab could be the cause, though it is only cited in one paper, and as a possibility. The general consensus seems to be that the heavy push and stretch of the crust leads to extensional fault rifting, thus promoting volcanism. That doesn’t exclude the remnant slab, though. Perhaps more research is needed, or, more likely, I just haven’t seen the relevant papers.


  2. extension alone doesn’t seem like to generate such explosive volcanism IMHO… though volatiles rising up and ponding in an extensional setting would do it nicely. Kind of intriguing that Lake Van appears to have been formed by a flow from the volcano damming the river. I wonder if they can get an age on those flooded settlements. Very intriguing place. And those stacks as well.. what great stuff!!


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