14 comments on “COLO

  1. Excellent article!! I usually lurk, but want you to know that I really appreciate your articles on unknown volcanos–and Indonesia has a lot of them–this one seems rather threatening, especially as it sounds like oceanic water has found its way into the crater. . .


    • Thank you nellyq, and welcome! Yes, this is a rather scary thought. But thinking about it, this might have been the case with the previous eruptions already. Why else would the volcano go from zero to three eruptions within 85 years, with the next one “ringing the bell” again after 32 years? Well, there might be other reasons, but I think it is a possibility that the seepage began before 1900, on and off, and the cracks are becoming bigger now.


      • That may be–in any case, the the Indonesian authorities are concerned and it is well that they are!


  2. Wow!
    Thank you so much!
    Barren Island, Colo – so many wonderful, but scarying places to discover!


  3. What an interesting volcano. Great detective work, Granyia.

    In another life, I am a basketball fan. My team is the Spurs. For a while a couple years ago they had a French guard named Nando de Colo. They have a Canadian guard on the roster named Cory Joseph, whose nickname is Cojo. Kind of strange when your volcano habit crosses paths and coincides with your basketball habit. Cheers –


    • Much the same for me…my football -soccer, for the Americans here- team is Manchester City, and not too long ago they had a player called Kolo Toure (now moved on to Liverpool, I believe)


    • Hi woodstj, they are talking about Uturuncu in a more general manner. U has been inflating for years and some journalist must have thought regurging the fact would be a good way to mention the “super” in the headlines again.


  4. Neither a German or Spanish speaker here. Sounds like they are talking about a Chilean volcano going supervolcano (caldera forming eruption). Most of the PF footage looks to be from Sinabung’s current eruptions. The volcano itself appears to be placed somewhat near the coast with three peaks. Will keep on looking. Nice mystery. Cheers –


  5. Pair of earthquakes yesterday. Both around 1650 L. Both around 4.75 Richter. They were separated by a minute. The first was 110 km NNW of Anchorage at a depth of 65 km. Second was around the same location and depth. Rattled the house a bit. No injuries noted. Everything stayed on the shelves. Cheers –




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