7 comments on “Glacier Peak – another recently active Washington State volcano

  1. Great article, thanks. It’s one of the few Cascade peaks I haven’t bagged, it is so remote. The nearest road to the mountain is a long, long way away compared to Rainier, Baker, Hood and the rest. I can see it on the horizon on a clear day, and always look at it as a ticking time bomb.


  2. Thanks, agimarc! OT but interesting: The name “Glacier Peak” has been lurking at the back of my mind since I first read of this stunning species, the ICE WORMS – an earth-worm-like creature that lives on ice algae and “melts” (disintegrates) as soon as the temperature goes much above freezing. “…during 2002, the North Cascades Glacier Climate Project (NCGCP) was doing research on the Suiattle Glacier of Glacier Peak, in the north-central Cascade Mountains of Washington. They estimated a mean density of ice worms on the glacier at 2600 ice worms per square meter. With an overall glacial area of 2.7 square kilometers, that meant the Suiattle Glacier had an estimated population of over seven billion ice worms. As concluded on the NCGCP website: ‘This is more than the earth’s entire human population on just one glacier.'”



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