13 comments on “Coming to the Point: FAIAL – Azores part 4

    • Lovely, I have inserted it into the post! If you are the artist, thank you for the great animation; if not, thank you for pointing it out!


  1. Turrialba eruption this morning (posted on Twitter by RSN-CR). This is following two explosions yesterday.


    • I don’t buy this explanation as it would have affected all crater sizes, not just the largest. The paper has a vague comment that the volcanism would have happened when Ceres was young, and that large craters would have formed early, but this is not all that convincing. Lava infill has happened in the maria of the Moon, but left the craters easily recognizable (if only from the different ‘colour’). I would consider isostatic rebound: a large crater causes the interior to flow up, and if the interior is not very hard (snow-like), it can obliterate the depression. A small crater would not show this effect. But it is also possible that the lack of large craters is a statistical fluke. At 2% chance, that is possible.


  2. I think I wouldn’t be very comfortable in this village with the volcano erupting ‘just over there’… – new eruptive phase at Fuego (Guatemala). Image via Twitter by Fer de San Miguelito (‏@fernanbarr).


  3. My name is Antonio duarte, born in faial, flamengos, came to United States in 1961, but my true name is Antone Candido haven’t been back home yet 55 years, planning to next year with my family.


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