24 comments on “Ongoing eruptions at Turrialba

  1. AVO: “A short-lived explosive eruption of Bogoslof volcano was reported by several pilots around 0100 UTC (4:00 pm AST). They reported a volcanic ash cloud rising to an estimated altitude of 34,000 ft (10.3 km). Satellite data show a discrete, short-lived explosion just prior to 0100 UTC that detached and drifted to the south by 0115 UTC. A subsequent pilot report from 0150 UTC indicated that activity had decreased.

    On the basis of this information, the Aviation Color Code is increased to Red and the Volcano Alert Level to Warning. There is no ground-based volcano monitoring equipment on Bogoslof volcano so AVO is unable to provide a forecast of future eruptive activity. We will monitor satellite images and data from distant seismic and infrasound instruments for indications of significant explosive activity.”


    • Got a few updates on various activity going on 🙂

      Bogoslof: Eruption lasted 25 minutes as detected by regional infra-sound network. Alert lowered to Orange/Watch. Ongoing seismicity including bursts of tremor detected on seismic networks on neighbouring volcanoes throughout today. You can clearly see the tremors on the Makushin webicorder on AVO’s website. I have a feeling this is going to result in a “proper” eruption soon probably with a new lava dome. Could be quite a nuisance for a while!

      Cayambe: Swarms still ongoing, periods of long-period events, strong sulphur smell at summit and it appears the hydrothermal system is being disturbed- the glaciers are beginning to crack. This could be definitely become very interesting!

      Hudson: Seismic unrest has stabilised for now. Doesn’t seem like much is going to happen here.

      Nevado del Ruiz: Seems that activity is heading for background levels; looks like the current eruptive period could be ending.

      Sabancaya: Internal activity still increasing, looks to be building towards quite vigorous activity.


  2. Thanks for the updates, mjf!

    Bogoslof raised to RED again, Wednesday, December 21, 2016, 5:32 PM AKST:
    “An explosive eruption started at about 01:10 UTC 12/22 (16:10 AKST) as seen in satellite and seismic data from neighboring islands and appeared to last for about 30 minutes. Cloud-top temperatures and wind direction suggest the cloud is as high as 35,000 ft asl, and is moving to the north.”

    Bogoslof lowered to ORANGE again: Dec. 21, 2016, 11:18 PM AKST

    And this was the cloud; looks to me as if there were two sources?


  3. Looks like a new dome is erupting on Bogoslof; onset of very strong tremor but with no ash cloud. You can see it here: avo.alaska.edu/webicorders/Bogoslof/


    • Ouch, that looks strong! I bet they got a holy shock when they saw it first, thinking Okmok was playing up!


  4. On Twitter, Alexa Van Eaton (‏@volcanologist) posted this lots-of-lightning image and said, Lightning possibly enhanced by surtseyan behavior from seawater. Erik Klemetti said, probably a vulcanian eruption.


  5. AVO:

    “Recent satellite imagery shows that this eruption dramatically changed Bogoslof Island, and that a new, small island has formed just offshore of the northeast end of the main island. The former shore and much of the northeast side of Bogoslof Island adjacent to this island has been largely removed, and deposition of material has occurred on the west side of the island. The excavated area of the former northeast shore is likely the vent for this recent eruption, which appears to be just below sea level.”

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  6. Guess what? Bogoslof again! Somehow I think AVO might just perhaps be wishing they had monitoring networks there… Most definitely a VEI-3 now.


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