6 comments on “The Geysers of Enceladus

  1. Kilauea: HVO had confirmed a volcanic eruption before 5 p.m. on May 3 HST in the Leilani Subdivision. Extremely high levels of SO2 gas; all residents of the area to evacuate; Puna Geothermal have shut down. Civil Defense: http://www.hawaiicounty.gov/active-alerts/ HVO updates: https://volcanoes.usgs.gov/vhp/updates.html (Img. HVO)

    Eruption ended by about 6:30 p.m. HST. Lava spatter and gas bursts erupted for about two hours, lava spread up to 10m from the fissure. The concentration of sulfur dioxide gas is still high near the fissure. Additional erupting fissures and new lava outbreaks may occur.

    Deep collapse crater at Pu‘u‘ Ō‘ō, aerial view by HVO. For more updates and photos see HVO’s Chronology page: https://volcanoes.usgs.gov/volcanoes/kilauea/multimedia_chronology.html?display=default

    And a Video from helikopter of the eruption fissure, by HVO here:
    [video src="https://volcanoes.usgs.gov/observatories/hvo/multimedia_uploads/multimediaFile-1942.mp4" /]


  2. Basic life lessons: Building on barrier islands is generally a bad idea if you want to stay dry. Building on a volcanic rift zone is likewise a bad idea unless you really, really like the occasional visit by new lava flows. Prayers for the residents and their families.

    Coverage of the eruption from the Anchorage local paper. Cheers –




  3. Thanks agimarc, this is another “volcanic” object that offers more questions than answers. As to the two theories, to me (from my armchair 😉 ) the second looks more credible. I thought if the tidal flexing would be the source for heat generation, this effect should be known from many other moons as well. Whereas a residual heat source from quite recent collisions or other moon-creating events would only involve this particular moon.

    Btw., if anyone (like me) has wondered what “libration” could mean in this context, here is a good explanation using the exemple of our Earth Moon: it’s nodding (Yes) and shaking (No)… http://www.wwu.edu/skywise/lunar_libration.html


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