6 comments on “Azores part 2 – tectonics

  1. Very interesting article on a part of the world I knew next to nothing about, thanks! 🙂

    On a side note, Momotombo seems to be stirring a bit: http://geofisica-ew1.ineter.gob.ni/sismogramas/MOMN/MOMN_EHZ_NU_50.2016032312.gif – it has been fairly quiet the last two weeks or so, with little or no explosions going on. The plot has been quite quiet too. Then last night there was a bit of an uptick with increased activity http://geofisica-ew1.ineter.gob.ni/sismogramas/MOMN/MOMN_EHZ_NU_50.2016032200.gif and next period: http://geofisica-ew1.ineter.gob.ni/sismogramas/MOMN/MOMN_EHZ_NU_50.2016032212.gif and then the first link (see the “EWK MOMN NU 50: Volcan Momotombo Corto period Sixaola” here http://geofisica-ew1.ineter.gob.ni/sismogramas/MOMN/welcome.html)

    I haven’t seen anything like it on that particular plot since I started paying closer attention to it a couple of months ago… Anyone care to explain what it shows?


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