7 comments on “Terceira, The Third – Azores part 3

  1. White Island volcano (NZ) has had a small, short-lived eruption last night; Alert level has been set to 3 (Eruption hazards near vent.). Just yesterday morning, Geonet had reported the dropping of the crater lake level of 2 meters in the last two weeks, but no other changes in volcanic behaviour hade been observed. http://info.geonet.org.nz/blog/volc

    Images of ash on the equipment and crater floor:


    • Volcanic alert level lowered to “2” (moderate to heightened volcanic unrest), with aviation color code still at orange. Webcam image from today showing the peculiar green ash after yesterday’s small eruption


  2. An analysis of the deadly Kumamoto earthquakes (Beppu-Shimabara rift valley) shows the displacement due to right-lateral strike-slip fault: http://www.ajiko.co.jp/article/detail/ID56JI45Y2D/. It was found that the ground shifted horizontally by 10 centimeters or more over an east-west stretch of about 80 kilometers, and north-south for 40 kilometers; in places north of the Futagawa-Hinagu fault zone, the ground moved more than 1.5 meters eastward. It also sank more than 1.2 meters at points north of the fault zone. Ground on the south side rose more than 40 centimeters. (English interpretation from this newspaper: http://allexpatnews.com/quakes-shift-ground-80-km-east-west/)


  3. Since last Thursday, volcano Turrialba (Costa Rica) maintains a significant level of seismic activity characterized by continuous tremor and – over the last two days – numerous explosions emitting ash, steam and gases. Action is now to bring clean water to four communities located near the crater, who have been directly hit by the ash plumes. Their water sources have been affected. Also the National Park has been closed.

    Does anyone have a link to this webcam?


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