10 comments on “POÁS – Exciting Times for a Volcano (& Updates)

  1. Another interesting development is at Manam, where intense seismic activity has begun. Rabaul Volcano Observatory has reported a high risk of a Sub-plinian eruption. New evacuations of the island are in progress. Darwin VAAC has raised the Aviation Colour Code to Red.


    • Yes, I have seen reports during the past week or so, and therefore I am the more surprised about this “down playing” in the Post Courier yesterday:
      – saying essentially that Manam’s activity affects only the top of the mountain, islanders cope well with the situation and emrgency responses are not considered. This coming from both RVO and local authorities.

      Do you have a link to some sort of RVO communications? They seem still not to run a website, and their fb page is empty (inspite 780 followers).


      • Indeed no website still. I only found out from the VAAC page on VolcanoDiscovery. Looks like the only public direct updates are from Darwin ash advisories. It is strange that some would downplay the situation, the 2004 eruption should still be a fresh memory for the residents!


    • Very strange: this report in The National (from 25/4) sounds completely different, even as to what ‘Mongallee said’. RVO: eruption alert upgraded to stage three. “Mongallee said an officer from the national disaster office visited the island on Saturday and recommended to authorities to start moving people off the island as soon as possible.”


  2. This webcam is supposed to show Augustine (AK) in the distance but mostly there is nothing more exciting than clouds to be seen… except when it gets curious visitors like this morning 🙂


  3. Kick ’em Jenny submarine volcano (8km N of Grenada in the Caribbean Sea) apparently has erupted on Saturday. It’s alert level has been raised to Yellow and an exclusion zone of 5km should be observed by sea vessels.


  4. Volcán de Fuego: CONRED declares Orange alert and the emergency operations center is activated in communities close to the volcano. This is its 4th eruption in 2017. Here are some images (via Twitter) of today’s impressive pyroclastic flow:


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